North England Rockers PRYSM Score Hattrick With New Blistering Banger ‘WATCHERS’…

New sonic impulses

27 April 2020

After last year’s excellent singles Turn It Up and Destiny North England’s notable rockers PRYSM nail it again with a new exuberant juggernaut. Three top strokes in a row is like a sonic hattrick!

After a reverberating guitar intro ‘WATCHERS‘ unfolds quickly its high-energy swagger
and vibrant beat. Wah-wah guitars vitalize this blistering banger with psychedelic riffs,
dashing vocals crank up the heat and inject the chorus with full-voiced pizzazz making
it sound like if Liam Gallagher is turning The La‘s into a rock band. Listen closely and on repeat and you’ll agree with me. Anyway, Prysm scores another triumphant winner completing their hattrick. An uplifting stimulus in these troubled isolation days.

Here’s the dazzling video clip…

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TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 15 Knockout Tracks Of 2019…

The following 15 Knockout Tracks activated my limbs, impressed
my greedy ears and made me move in mysterious ways in 2019.

1. ‘Better’ by RICH GIRLS ((New York, NY, US)
A punchy and mesmeric shot of electrifying guitar pop adrenalin…

2. ‘Feet’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (London, UK)
A chant-like odyssey with a ghostly and hypnotic vibe and – yes – a Gregorian choir…

3. ‘Air BnB’ by KIM GORDON (US)
A battering jackhammer with a vehement drift and a gloomy impact…

4. ‘Hurricane Laughter’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Dublin, Ireland)
Stormy steamroller with an irresistible punk drive by one of the best new bands in town…

5. ‘White Male Carnivore’ by YAK (London, UK)
This is a really nasty sledgehammer. A thunderous rocker with a droning force…

6. ‘Going Norway’ by GIRL BAND (Dublin, Ireland)
Bone-crushing chainsaw electricity and exorcistic howling. Demonic stuff…

7. ‘More Is Less’ by THE MURDER CAPITAL (Dublin, Ireland)
A dazzling post punk uppercut fueled with stormy guitars and angry vocals all over it…

8. ‘Cave Person’ by PEUK (Belgium)
A sickly catchy, grungy outburst with the scariest primal screams I heard in years…

9. ‘Destiny’ by PRYSM (England)
A multi-layered tumultuous stunner that grabs you by the throat from the get-go…

10. ‘Time Bomb Sounds’ by THE LOCALS (Chicago, US)
An emotional corker resonating gloriously rapturous and exultantly epic…

11. ‘Motor City Steel’ by THE DANDY WARHOLS
An utterly addictive earworm that keeps buzzing in your head after one spin…

12. ‘Disco Peanuts’ by WARMDUSCHER (London, UK)
Funky disco fuel for all misfits, outsiders, and desperadoes out there…

13. ‘Ar.Mour’ by UNKLE Feat. Miink & Elliot Power (UK)
Trip-hop at its trippy best. Tantalizing beats, dancey vibrations, and an addictive rhythm…

14. ‘Ego’ by FERAL FIVE (London/Kent, UK)
A vibrating and flamboyant European disco cracker to dance yourself dizzy to…

15. ‘The Desert’ by WHERE WE SLEEP (London, UK)
Intoxicating swagger, sensuous vocals, hellish guitars, cutting atmosphere…

All 15 Knockout Tracks
together on Spotify


British Rip-Roaring Rockers PRYSM Electrify With New Rowdy Smack ‘TURN IT UP’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 November 2019

Last August North Of England steamrollers called PRYSM released one of the most thundery crackers of the year with the multi-layered, tumultuous stunner ‘Destiny’.
But they still have some inflammable fuel left in the tank before 2019 expires.

The band just dropped fresh crushing cut ‘TURN IT UP’. It starts with a throbbing drums/bass beat, but soon razor-sharp vocals and a wall-of-howling-guitars kick in.
From there on it’s full force ahead like an uncontrollable tsunami of high-voltage electricity, like a sonic whirlwind, like an illegal decibels abuse. Oh yes, indeed,
rock ‘n’ roll can make you lose control!

Tune in and turn up the heat…

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TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For SEPTEMBER 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A fervid fusion of clashing crackers and boisterous bangers!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout September Team

1. ‘Land Of Dead’ by ELEPHANT STONE (Montreal, Canada)
A stomping rocker pushed by a steamy sitar riff. Wham bloody bam!

2. ‘Destiny’ by PRYSM (North Of England, UK)
Flaming fuel for all you out there who needs to ventilate their fury once in a while. Yeah!

3. ‘Don’t Wake Up, Wake Up by NO SWOON
Savage guitars, ablaze percussion & urgent vocals! Bang-up buster! Jaw-dropping debut!

4. ‘Getting Older’ by RETAIL SPACE (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Dazzling guitar pop catchiness that will make your head swirl 360°. Irresistible zinger!

5. ‘Pushing Back’ by THE NEW POLLUTION (New York, US)
An ongoing repetitive hypnotic guitar riff spiced with airy dancey vibes. Bingo!

6. ‘We’re Not Detective’ by FEVA (Newcastle, UK)
Boiling hot smasher! Uproarious hubbub that will blow up your speakers! Kaboom!…

7. ‘Ego‘ by FERAL FIVE (London, UK)
Blistering blessing for those who want to swing themselves into a coma. Tanze jetzt!

8. ‘Mexico’ by HUSBANDS
The 21st Century Beach Boys. Non-stop fun, daily sun and sonic bubblegum. Surf’s up!

9. ‘Second Hand Emotion’ by SAYTR PLAY (Manchester, UK)
Put on some mascara, your sexiest boots, your coolest shirt and let your adrenalin flow.

10. ’75 Trips’ by REFLEKTER (Nottingham, UK)
Hungry guitars, jumpy electro beat injections, cocky vocals and a knockout chorus. Top!

11. ‘Love Is Around‘ by GREAT HARE (Gothenburg, Sweden)
A sticky amplified guitar pop tune, jingle jangle chants and a nostalgic Dinosaur JR feel…

All together on Spotify…

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

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Intense English Rockers PRYSM Launched Clip For Fervent Single ‘DESTINY’

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

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9 September 2019


Last month PRYSM, the rapturous foursome from the North Of England hit bullseye with their new euphoric single DESTINY (and was Turn Up The Volume‘s Pick Of The Day on 13 August. Now the band has launched a video clip for their ebullient anthem.

Get your eyes ready from some dazzling razzmatazz.
Dim the lights, press play and go dizzy…

PRYSM: Facebook

Ardent British Rockers PRYSM Storm Mercilessly On Their New Single ‘DESTINY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 August 2019

Fervent rock turbine PRYSM from the musically highly fertile North Of England have a new thunderclap single out called DESTINY. A multi-layered tumultuous stunner that grabs you mercilessly by the throat from the get-go. A mighty heated and hair-rising standout that will trigger every nerve in your restless body. This is flaming fuel for all you out there who needs to ventilate their fury once in a while. Press play below and discover your destiny…

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