OASIS – Actually Noel Gallagher Solo – Shares Unreleased Ballad Demo ‘DON’T STOP’…

New sonic impulses

30 April 2020

Oasis comeback? Oasis reunion? Not definitely, not maybe. It’s actually an acoustic
ballad by chief Noel Gallagher recorded about 15 years ago in a soundcheck in Hong Kong, shared now as an OASIS track although his brother Liam is not on it. Coincidence?
I don’t think so, I’m sure Noel found also demo’s with Liam singing, but he won’t share those. Idle bastard!

Noel G. wrote on his Twitter account last night, 29 April: “I had infinite time to kill lately.
I stumbled across an old demo which I thought had been lost forever.”

The previously unreleased song is titled DON’T STOP and is family
of that moody beauty ‘Talk Tonight’ (1995). Have a listen right here…

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