Pitch Black And Sinister – Discover Hellish Irish Gang THE BARBITURATES

7 May 2020

THE BARBITURATES are noise rockers out of Derry, Ireland describing themselves
as “a 5 piece Neo-Psychedelic Punk-Grunge band and underdogs of our town.” I’m pretty
sure that new track ‘SYMMETRY‘ is recorded in a smelly basement where rats are
feeling home and neighbours can’t hear the band’s racket.

Symmetry is a vicious slow-moving beast that grooves and moves like a nasty serpent looking to take control and make love on war. Spooky stuff you won’t recommend to
your parents to listen to. I have no clue what they’re singing about but it ain’t about the birds and the bees. These punk misfits are tired of all the lies that are spread like a
disease on a daily basis. It’s time for the truth. It’s time to join their inexorable quest.

Right here, right now…


Just a moment for this message. The house of Geoff, a band member, burned down last month. He lost a lots of valuable belongings, instruments, musical equipment as well as weeks of shopping he bought to isolate like the rest of us through this tough lockdown time! You can help him via GoFundMe here.

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