Irish Psychedelic Act THE BARBITURATES Sooth Your Dreams With Two New Gems Feat. Vocalist SIÂNNA

Daily electricity to load your batteries

23 June 2022

Who: A grungy psychedelic occult postpunk
Dadaist Guerrilla D.I.Y ontology discordian
skizophonic rock band from Derry city Ireland

After going totally mental on their jawdropping post-psych-punk mishmash
album Selection Box #1 last February these Irish mavericks surprise once
again with two new un-mental jams. Two laid-back lullabies with an instant
soothing effect.

Pop psychedelia for dreamy moments when the sun goes down. Guest singer
Siânna adds a spot-on sensual touch while the music ripples softly like a rill.
Sonically, the two pieces resonate a bit like Sonic Youth in slow motion or
The Velvet Underground on a Sunday Morning.

Two ideal barbiturates for the twilight hours. Two relaxing gems.


Looking For Love
In All The Wrong Places
Looking For Light
I’ll Never Find

I Need A Friend
To help me get by
Someone Understands
And Take My Hand


Look Into My Worried Eyes
I Can See You’re BeLIEving
I Look Into Your Dead Fish Eyes
You BeLIEve What They’re Saying

Look Into Your Brainwashed Mind
And See There Is A Light That Shines
Stop BeLIEving The Lies
The Truth Inside Your Heart

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Post-Psych-Punk Mishmash With THE BARBITURATES And Their Hour-Long Album SELECTION BOX #1

13 February 2022

Who: Take a deep breath,… “a grungy psychedelic occult postpunk
Dadaist Guerrilla D.I.Y ontology discordian skizophonic rock band
from Derry city Ireland“.

New album: SELECTION BOX #1
What: A collection of B-sides, C-sides & soundscapes.
We hope you enjoy this hour-long album crammed full of
grungy psychedelic punk bliss & re’programming symbolism
this album is dedicated to the late great astrophysicist
Carl Sagan.

What to expect: Prog-rock pieces, paranoid psychedelia, radio transmissions,
a David Lynch film score played by Pink Floyd, big bang Kraftwerk disco, psych-o-billy cramps, garage havoc, symphonic synth surprises, amplified ambient ambiance, sonic hallucinations and everything that boggles your mind during this 60 minutes marathon.

Remember the two 2 Many DJ’s (Belgian Dewaele siblings) albums As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 1 & 2 with da brothers constructing pinpoint mixes with editing software, deconstructing pop music of the ’60, ’70s, and ’80s with multiple layers of familiar songs without any pause, 20 years ago. Well, that’s my reference for this Selection Box #1. Exactly what all you out there who hate traditional commerce orientated muzak are looking for.

I swear, never a dull moment with The Barbiturates. Cancel
your today’s plans and dive into this mishmash marathon.

Right here, right now…


THE BARBITURATES Bring You The Dadaist Guerilla Sound Of Ireland

Daily electricity to load your batteries

13 October 2021

Who: Take a deep breath,… “a grungy psychedelic occult postpunk
Dadaist Guerrilla D.I.Y ontology discordian skizophonic rock band from
Derry city Ireland

New album: Titled, take another deep breath,… SUPER CALLOUS FASCIST
(the best album title I heard all year long) that
will hit the streets just before Xmas, on 23rd December. A great festive present
to convert your beloved family to The Barbiturates.

All tracks will be unleashed one by one before
the longplayer’s release (bonus stuff included).

The first two singles


Doesn’t really sound like a Guerilla rant. The vibrant combination of jingle-jangle guitars
à la 60s legends The Byrds, whistle-along catchiness à la Kurt Vile, a sing-along ba-ba-ba chorus, and a sparkling guitar finale resound more like a radio hit and that’s totally fine
by me.


After the poppy decoy above it’s in-your-face time with a cry-out sledgehammer swaying forth and back with droning force for 100 seconds. A trash and clash slam with some unexpected piano clatter in the end. Bingo!

I wonder what comes next: a jazzy instrumental followed
by a hardcore hammer blow? Yep, I’m definitely curious.

Pitch Black And Sinister – Discover Hellish Irish Gang THE BARBITURATES

7 May 2020

THE BARBITURATES are noise rockers out of Derry, Ireland describing themselves
as “a 5 piece Neo-Psychedelic Punk-Grunge band and underdogs of our town.” I’m pretty
sure that new track ‘SYMMETRY‘ is recorded in a smelly basement where rats are
feeling home and neighbours can’t hear the band’s racket.

Symmetry is a vicious slow-moving beast that grooves and moves like a nasty serpent looking to take control and make love on war. Spooky stuff you won’t recommend to
your parents to listen to. I have no clue what they’re singing about but it ain’t about the birds and the bees. These punk misfits are tired of all the lies that are spread like a
disease on a daily basis. It’s time for the truth. It’s time to join their inexorable quest.

Right here, right now…


Just a moment for this message. The house of Geoff, a band member, burned down last month. He lost a lots of valuable belongings, instruments, musical equipment as well as weeks of shopping he bought to isolate like the rest of us through this tough lockdown time! You can help him via GoFundMe here.