One-Man Revolution THE BARBITURATES Reflects On Signs O’ the Times With New Single ‘POLLITRICKS’

New striking strokes

18 November 2022


Who: Take a deep breath… a grungy psychedelic indie postpunk Dadaist
Guerrilla D.I.Y ontology, discordian, skizophonic rock act from Derry city

The Barbiturates is actually the one-warrior-band of Geoff Street
who produces a multifarious mix of all things post-punk and post
prog-rock and who looks like he’s ready to start a revolution.

The 4th track of the upcoming album.

TUTV: Back in 1987 the late genius Prince expressed his fear of the world going down
in his funky masterstroke Sign O’ The Times. Now 35 years later – nothing has changed,
of course – Barbiturates does the same thing with an emphasis on rotten politicians and rotten governments, in a slow-moving psychedelic blues jam. It’s the end of the world as we know it, but it doesn’t feel fine as R.E.M. predicted.


CIA & the FBI
All working for the pyramids eye
Most people can’t see this truth
You gotta look behind the curtain
Too see the proof Whole worlds comatose’ing
Online with there social media Psychosis
Facebook Twitter it’s all the same
Hit like n love endorphins to the brain
Its mass hypnosis
The whole wide world is slowly overdosing
It’s not the same when you got no one to blame
You gotta look inside and face the pain

Kill yer digital self just like the barbs said
In 2000 & 22 were all born dead
It’s the age of anxiety
so roll up yer sleeve and pretend to beLIEve
Vaxa’nation face up to the facts
Brexit’s comin matter of fact
Hard border a wall up in our sea
Just like Donald trump big boris is he
Do we have a future most people living in the past
time to take control time to make a stand
The inner revolution find heaven inside
ya better pull yer dirty socks up or you’ll be standing in line

Politics and their poll’a’tricks
Corruption and lies is making the world sick
Got yer votes on lockdown
with their two party systems
freedom is a thought crime
News speak is cheap it’s what we eat
big brothers watching you when you sleep
whole worlds gone Brexit that why were NOW at this present
Forget the future
Forget the past
Now is forever
It’s all in yer hands
Don’t hate the black
Don’t hate the white
If ya get bit??
Just hate the bite!!!


THE BARBITURATES: Facebook – More Bs on Bandcamp

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