Another Tremendous Punk ‘n Roll Marathon With Irish Noise Warriors THE BARBITURATES

Standout longplayers

6 August 2022


Who: Take a deep breath… a grungy psychedelic indie postpunk Dadaist
Guerrilla D.I.Y ontology, discordian, skizophonic rock act from Derry city

The Barbiturates is actually the one-warrior-band of Geoff Street
who produces a multifarious mix of all things post-punk and post
prog-rock and who looks like a bankrobber.

Last February he came up with his Selection Box #1. A 60-minute long mishmash of
retro blues, post-prog-rock mania, paranoid psychedelia, big bang Kraftwerk disco,
psych-o-billy cramps, garage havoc, symphonic synth surprises, amplified ambient ambiance, sonic hallucinations and everything that can boggle your mind.

If you are not happy with just 60 minutes of his sonic brain twists you can lose
yourself now in Selection Box #2, it’s even longer with its 90 minutes.

Geoff Street “It’s a sneaky peak at a humble collection of early live performances,
alternative mixes of lo-fi tracks, semi-acoustic DEMOS of songs and experimental
music that will be coming in there true full glory in the near future.”

TUTV: Box #2 is also a mishmash of Street‘s non-stop appetite for music. It’s
an amazeballs concatenation of corking stuff. It’s a series of good to great tracks.

Trust me, it’s an AUTHENTIC WORK by an AUTHENTIC music junk, you can listen
to in full or in parts. One more thing. For all Catholics out there, there’s hope as
Street found out that JESUS never died. Although he’s a BANKROBBER who lives
in Ireland.

Press play and go into a trance.


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