Irish Psychedelic Act THE BARBITURATES Sooth Your Dreams With Two New Gems Feat. Vocalist SIÂNNA

Daily electricity to load your batteries

23 June 2022

Who: A grungy psychedelic occult postpunk
Dadaist Guerrilla D.I.Y ontology discordian
skizophonic rock band from Derry city Ireland

After going totally mental on their jawdropping post-psych-punk mishmash
album Selection Box #1 last February these Irish mavericks surprise once
again with two new un-mental jams. Two laid-back lullabies with an instant
soothing effect.

Pop psychedelia for dreamy moments when the sun goes down. Guest singer
Siânna adds a spot-on sensual touch while the music ripples softly like a rill.
Sonically, the two pieces resonate a bit like Sonic Youth in slow motion or
The Velvet Underground on a Sunday Morning.

Two ideal barbiturates for the twilight hours. Two relaxing gems.


Looking For Love
In All The Wrong Places
Looking For Light
I’ll Never Find

I Need A Friend
To help me get by
Someone Understands
And Take My Hand


Look Into My Worried Eyes
I Can See You’re BeLIEving
I Look Into Your Dead Fish Eyes
You BeLIEve What They’re Saying

Look Into Your Brainwashed Mind
And See There Is A Light That Shines
Stop BeLIEving The Lies
The Truth Inside Your Heart

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