It’s The End Of The Brexit World As North-Irish Guerrilla Act THE BARBITURATES Know It

Standout longplayers

26 January 2023


Who: A rare grungy psychedelic indie postpunk Dadaist
Guerrilla D.I.Y ontology, discordian, skizophonic rock act

“We have to become alive through truth!!
Truth is love, freedom and respect.”

The Barbiturates is Geoff Street‘s bastard-punk baby. He produces,
assisted by some musically matching friends a multifarious mix of
all things post-punk and post-prog-rock and he looks like he’s ready
to start the ultimate revolution.

The Londonderry rebel has a new album out called SUPER CALLOUS FASCIST RACIST TORIES ARE ATROCIOUS. It’s almost the end of our messed-up world as we know it,
but read the album’s title again. Yes, the UK will be the first to go down according to
the spit-and-sneer attacks on the devastating Brexit catastrophe.

Want more clues about Street‘s state of mind. Check these song titles: False Idols / The Psychotic Tory Preservation Society / Pollitricks / Jesus & The Slave Chain / The Spaghetti Northwestern.

And the music? No, not some quickly cobbled-together protest noise going nowhere,
not at all. The 12 songs here, at play all stand tall, loud and proud. A mix of garage psycho-billy (False Idols / Timex / Comfort), some – yes – catchy pop tunes (You Can’t See Me, the title track with co-vocals by Tramp‘s North-Irish front Amazon, with utterly cool name Siânna Ní Laithbheartaigh) and several gloom-and-doom musings with a melancholic where have all the good times gone tone. Spot-on top stuff!

Buy this spellbinding record, it’ll be a great
companion for the depressing days to come.

Here via Bandcamp.

To make the fun complete The Barbs have a ‘deluxe’
Westmonster Bonus Edition
of the album out.
Buy/stream here

THE BARBS: Facebook

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