Berlin-based Post-Punk Act ERRORR Inspired By Serial Killer On ‘INNOCENCE’

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26 January 2023

Who: Post-punk outfit based in Berlin, founded in 2019
by Swedish multi-instrumentalist Leonard Kaage (guitarist
and producer of The Underground Youth).

Release: 3 March 2023 via Anomic Records

New single/video: INNOCENT

The song’s story is inspired by serial killer and Satanic cult member
David Berkowitz, known as the Son Of Sam. Initially, he claimed he
was innocent of killing 8 people as he acted on the orders of a demon,
manifested in the form of a dog belonging to his neighbor Sam.

Kaage: “It’s a story about a man who is told by his God to kill. He goes
through with it and afterward plead innocence, as he only acted out his
God’s will. Whether God is in heaven or just in people’s heads is not up
to me to decide, but the message with this song is: take responsibility
for your own actions.”

TUTV: This astounding psychedelic piece rotates around a bouncy bass riff,
detonates every time the chorus comes on, while anxious vocals roll all over
its groovy cadence. The spine-chilling resonance grabs you by the throat from
start to finish. Discover the 3 previously shared tracks on Bandcamp and realize
that an arresting album is waiting around the corner to be unleashed.

The music video is inspired by The Keepers, a documentary about a covered-up
murder by a priest of a nun in Baltimore who discovered that he sexually abused
teenage girsl in a school.

Listen. Watch.

ERRORR: Facebook

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