Enthralling Guitar Pop And Gripping Balladry – Discover Self-Titled Debut Album By FANTASY NON FICTION

10 May 2020

FANTASY NON FICTION is a sparkling guitar pop outfit from New Orleans. An effervescent quartet led by drummer/vocalist/songwriter Rose Cangelosi. Their kaleidoscopic sound is colored with an array of musical influences that illustrate the strikingly honest songwriting. Candid poetic lyricism speaks to the genuine nature of each song, whether commenting wryly on the strange nature of the social universe and unrequited love, or reflecting remorsefully on a glass-shattering temper tantrum.

The quartet’s multi-colored debut album is just out and is a wonderfully triumphant score.
It shows that enthralling guitar pop and captivating songwriting still have an intense vigor and irresistible attractive force when it’s done like Fantasy Non Fiction do here on their first imposing longplayer. The resplendent fusion of shake ‘n’ roll jingles (Pressure /IW2BWU4EVR / Strange Effect) and gripping goosebumps introspections (the wonderful guitar and bass sparks of Rocket To Mars and the bewitching piano ballads When It’s Over and I Can Depend On You) swing you from sheer excitement to grasping gloominess.

Different moods, different dynamics with Cangelosi‘ magnificent vox as the heroine in
the middle, all over this splendid record. Her vocal timbre balances between the heart-to-heart voices of compelling singer/songwriters St. Vincent and Angel Olsen. Yes, top work indeed. Don’t miss the magic melodiousness and sonic magnetism at play here.

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40% of proceeds from this album sales will be donated to people in need in the New Orleans area surrounding the Covid-19 crisis through 1 August 2020.


(photo by David Seelig)

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