Romantic And Heartfelt – Here’s THE VONE With ‘IT WILL ALWAYS BE YOU’

Sonic reveries for the laziest day of the week

10 May 2020

THE VONE is an international outfit based in London, founded by two Portuguese friends and featuring also members from Poland and the UK. They released their electrical 4-track debut EP Awake in 2017.

The band has a new touching single out now called IT ALWAYS BE YOU. A romantic reverie that goes back a long while, as lead singer Marcelo Cervone already wrote the chorus when he was 14 years old. Through the years it changed until it finally, with The Vone, became this bittersweet sound reflecting the shared human condition.

‘It Will Always Be You’ is an affecting, nostalgic ballad. Tender, longing, intimate, and gladdening. A truly romantic beauty for all ages with a timeless all you need is love feel. Sensitive vocals, glowing cello, and an overall melancholic, sepia-coloured orchestration lead to an idyllic aural pleasure for gentle hearts and empathetic souls.

Dream away right here…

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