Bang-Up Debut Single – Here’s New Zealand Power Pop Trio ALT FICTION With ‘ALL MY FRIENDS’

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11 May 2020

ALT FICTION is a power-pop trio – three brothers – out of New Zealand. With their vivid debut single ‘ALL MY FRIENDS’ they immediately hit bull’s eye.

This adrenalin ripper is what we need in these surreal times. Its highly addictive drive and catching melodiousness have an instant feel-good effect and vitalize your mood, feet, and hip movements. Imagine the surf-pop sensibility of The Drums interwoven with the swirling drive of New York City’s sweethearts The Strokes. Add a rollin’ beat and yearning ‘I wanna feel alive‘ vocals and what you get is a glorious earworm you’ll have on repeat before you know it. Sunlit beach fervor.

Summer is in the air and this triumphant debut is
on its way to end up in many end-of-the-year lists.

Find out why here…

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