San Francisco Noiseniks THE TUNNEL Released Horrific New Slam ‘RECKONING’…

11 May 2020

Band: THE TUNNEL (San Francisco, CA, US)

Who: A noise rock turbine blending haunted post-punk and swampy atmospherics since 2008. Crooked and restless, The Tunnel’s discography draws apt comparisons to The Jesus Lizard, 16 Horsepower, Killing Joke, and The Birthday Party – an intoxicating mixture of outlaw ballads, cranky drum machines, sprawling sci-fi blues, and pummeling, angular deathrock.


Score: You want to know what’s coming your way? I’ll drop some keywords to describe
the intimidating sound of this psychotic thrash noise combo so you know what you’ll
have to be afraid of when this demonic slam dunk pulverizes your trembling speakers. Bloodcurdling. Mental. Spooky. Horrific. Diabolic. Maniacal. Nightmarish and demoniacal.
Rumor goes deejay Satan is a big fan. He plays all The Tunnel records on repeat to
inflame his inferno parties. I’m sure you get my warning drift now and also my ear-shattering experience hearing ‘Reckoning‘ for the very first time. Mad score! Hell yeah!

Release the bats here and you’ll understand
why your neighbors call the cops…

THE TUNNEL: Facebook

New EP NIGHTFALL out 19th May. All info here

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