The Filth And The Fury – Discover Bristol’s Noise Turbo SANS…

12 May 2020

Band: SANS

Who: a LOUD trio out of Bristol, UK

Track: AZTEC DRIPS Рnewest single

Score: If you don’t know what kamikaze noise rock is about you should listen to trash turbo Sans and their latest, ferocious outburst. ‘Aztec Drips‘ is a crushing hammer blow,
a merciless bulldozer, a tormenting browbeater and horrific steamroller attacking your throat from the kick-off. A hair-raising drone going forth and back in burning intensity
with all instruments trying to pulverize the sound barrier with a devastating groove. At
one point a trumpet, that got lost, checks-in but is rapidly buried under illegal decibels.
The frontman’s wall-shattering voice seems to crash any second. This is a mean megaton machine generating a head-exploding racket to scare all enemies with. The filth and the fury!

Roll the fireball here…

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