Electrifying And Ecstatic – FILTHY TRICKS Unleashed New Single ‘LEAH’

12 May 2020

This British five-piece ooze rock ‘n’ roll soul, citing Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Doors to Sly & the Family Stone and The Violent Femmes as influences on their music and lyrics. After releasing their debut EP ‘Run The River’ in June 2019, the band have gone on to support the likes of The Blinders, Children Of The State and Sky Valley Mistress

These ardent rockers hit Turn Up The Volume’s aural radar for the first time with previous killer single Walk In Line. Brand new single LEAH is a towering triumph too.

This ecstatic corker has a glorious impact from the get-go. Battering drums are the sonic harbinger for a tremendously titanic earworm with a sickly sticky chorus. Electrifying dynamite with a powerhouse melodiousness, ecstatic guitar extravaganza with a mend-binding forcefulness and ebullient vocals taking this intoxicating exploit to an epic level. This exuberant squad is on its way to something really special. Stay tuned, stay safe, stay high-spirited, and dance yourself giddy at home…

Right here, right now

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