‘IS THIS OFFENSIVE AND LOUD?’ By Songstress NAT VAZER – No, It Is Heartfelt And Sparkling…

3 June 2020

Artist: Nat Vazer
Who: A Melbourne-based singer/songwriter creating a world
of hazy guitars and lilting oohs to accompany her intimate confessionals
Album: Is This Offensive And Loud? – debut album

Nat Vazer about her impressive debut LP: “There are moments of heartbreak and vents about broader world issues, looking at how unreal it feels to be living in a time where Trump is in power, high school mass shootings are common headlines, and things like the Toronto Van Attack keep happening, including in my home city, Melbourne. The making of this album has been a turning point in my life and has inspired me to continually push boundaries as an artist, and to pursue the ideas I believe in with conviction. I hope you enjoy the record and perhaps recognise some part of yourself in there too.”

Keywords: Sensitive images, heartfelt introspections, starry-eyed vocality, doubt
and hope, sadness and happiness, dreams and realities, vulnerable beautinessss
Key references: Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Christine McVie, Demi Moore
Key tracks: Like Demi / For A Moment / Higher Places / Sunlight

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(photo: Facebook Nat Vazer)

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