Whirling Pop Electricity From Brighton – New Single ‘LOTS OF NIGHTS OUT’ By THE BRAVE FACES…

New sonic impulses…

3 June 2020

From the classic city of Brighton, UK here come THE BRAVE FACES. A group influenced
by 80s post-punk, shoegaze and contemporary indie, the band push forward bristling melodies and sweeping soundscapes.

They just released their brand new brisk jingle LOTS OF NIGHTS OUT. A speedy, slippery brainworm with an instant impact on your feet, head, and ears. Oh yeah, a toe-tapping firecracker moving at lightning speed with a rapid-fire swagger while guitar sparks flying around. A sonic whirlwind making you dizzy along its zippy way. Twinkling pop electricity!

Dive into the night here…


(Ian Howarth)

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