Devils In Disguise – ‘I LIKE YOU BUT NOT LIKE THAT’ By Garage Turbo THE DARTS

7 June 2020

The Devilish American Rip-roaring Turbo Squad – in short THE DARTS – unleashed
their second fantabulous album, entitled ‘I LIKE YOU BUT NOT LIKE THAT’ one year ago
via their friend and punk legend Jello Biafra‘s record label Alternative Tentacles Records. An inflammable piece of sexy organ-fueled firework. A heated mix of the nastiest vibes of 60s garage rockabilly injected with an illegal dose of Riot Grrrl flamboyance and spiced with a blazing portion of Cramps hullabaloo.

These four graveyard loving ladies can heat up any lame party. I saw them do it twice.
The King would have called them ‘Devils in disguise‘. Oh, and did I mention they look,
walk and talk as one of the coolest gangs that ever walked this lockdown planet?

Let’s have some foreplay with the two steamy singles of the LP…



Now, buy yourself a ticket to hell
right here, right now…

THE DARTS: Facebook

Working hard for the money…

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