Loud And Crystal Clear – Here’s OH BROTHER And New Hot-Blooded Stroke ‘RUNNING OUT’…

6 June 2020

UK based desert rock band OH BROTHER fronted by singer/songwriter Jake Leslau
and lead guitarist Luke Cave have a new track out called RUNNING OUT. Leslau explains: “this song takes you on a musical adventure through my, at the time, very angry brain. Starting peacefully as we meander along a trail of thought and reflection before it takes you to its final destination – a not so tranquil, rage-fuelled, cathartic rock and roll tirade”

Raw and rough
Mad and frenzied
Kooky and groovy
Explicit and mental
Sarcastic and bitchy
Electrifying and funky
Druggy and vibey

In short, this is a loud and crystal clear invitation to get out of your straitjacket, to open your windows, and scream at the top of your lungs to ventilate all your rage, frustration, and fury while jumping like a kangaroo on tons of speed. Want some inspiration? Check this lyric video…

OH BROTHER: Facebook

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