Guerrilla Time! Mean Metal Machine INTER ARMA Covers NINE INCH NAILS

Mean metal machine INTER ARMA out of Richmond, Virginia unleash a new EP
next month, entitled GARBERS DAYS REVISITED. A collection of covers recorded
‘for the hell of it‘ with their take on big tracks by Prince, Neil Young, Ministry, Cro-Mags,
and Tom Petty.

Also on the EP is a cover of MARCH OF THE PIGS. A thunderous highlight of NINE
‘ 1994 albumĀ The Downward Spiral. Inter Arma‘s version is just monstrous.

It’s guerrilla time, folks! Power to the people! Highway to hell for all authoritarian world leaders! No more oppression, no more injustice, no more inequality! Stand up, get up
and fight for your right to be respected. Black Lives Matter!

Damn right…

INTER ARMA: Facebook

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