Prepare Yourself For A Sweaty Party With Swirling Disco Rollers BUGEYE…

9 June 2020

‘Blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy
drum compactions & hi-rise guitar sculptures’

That’s exactly how London’s swirling dance ‘n’ roll addicts BUGEYE sound like.
They’re about to unleash their debut album READY STEADY BANG! I guess the
record’s title says it all. Expect fuel for all 24-hour party people among us. But
most of all fuel to (hopefully) celebrate the end of the unreal lockdown months
we all experienced.

So far the band shared four jitterbug-eye corkers. Four hot stuff harbingers for
a sweaty Saturday Night Fever Blast. Four shake your booty rippers. Four B-52’s
love shack injections. Glorious times ahead, ladies and gents! Let’s start the hip-
swaying foreplay right here…





BUGEYE: Facebook

READY STEADY BAND – out 10th July – all info and pre-order facilities here.

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