Imposing And Electrical – London’s MASS DATURA Dropped Staggering Single ‘SUTRA SWOON SUTRA’

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17 June 2020

After compelling 2017 debut album Sentimental Meltdown London’s psych-rock collective MASS DATURA announced the launch of their sophomore album ‘Wish Untitled‘ for a 10th July release via All Types of Slime Records.

Here’s opening track ‘SUTRA SWOON SUTRA‘. It’s a rattling guitar riff powered
haymaker with an enigmatic and hypnotizing psych resonance while bone-chilling
vocals add an eerie vibration to the overall nightmarish image. About midway the
already menacing radiation slows down for an eldritch finale. Imposing, electrical,
and spooky are the keywords and nerve-racking, disturbing and ambiguous
are the sonic sentiments. Staggering stroke!

“It’s a fairytale for two and we’re down on our knees, sutra swoon sutra.”

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(Photo credit: Ellen Rogers)

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