Thundery Roller Coaster – PLANTS AND ANIMALS Go Forth And Back On Their New Ace Single ‘SACRIFCE’

New sonic impulses…

17 June 2020

(Photo Credit: Dominique Berthiaume)

Montreal trio PLANTS AND ANIMALS “began playing together as kids, emerged on the international scene in 2008 and have developed a varied cult following ever since, built this
on the shoulders of their self-produced records, their intense live show, or both—depending
on who you ask.”

The band dropped the new robust single SACRIFICE from their new upcoming album.
“This is a song about what people are willing to do for feelings of acceptance and quick tastes
of happiness. The goal was to have two contrasting sections pushed up against each other with abrupt transitions between them.” says the band about the fresh piece.

Sacrifice rolls and moves with an arousing groove from the get-go. Both thunderous and blasting, growing to a feverish peak. Ace pace! Then, unexpectedly, the blustery speed drops spectacularly for a clear-cut swing and sing-along chorus…

I gave you the best years of my life
volunteered on your behalf
sacrifice it doesn’t matter
for dopamine and lots of laughs

But before you can blink an eye the roller coaster restarts his reverberant course all over
again. Opposite rhythms, opposite moods. Trust me, you don’t wont to get off this adrenaline-charged power ride. You’ll push the repeat button several times.

Here we go…


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