THE KILLERS Do What They Do Best – Listen To Brand New Anthemic Knockout ‘MY OWN SOUL’S WARNING’

New sonic impulses…

18 June 2020

Due to the disturbing corona crisis THE KILLERS postponed the release of new LP IMPLODING THE MIRAGE. A new date isn’t known yet despite the fact that the Las
Vegas band already shared two singles and a brand new one just saw the light of day.

MY OWN SOUL’S WARNING is a vintage Killers anthem. After a melodramatic intro,
it’s full steam ahead while the glowing song grows slowly into a massive knockout with Brandon Flowers giving it all. A solid gold stunner made to be heard at all major festivals around the globe… next year. Glorious belter!

“If you could see through the banner of the sun/ Into eternity’s eyes/
Like a vision reaching down to you/ Would you turn away?”

Let’s roll

Previous two singles…




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