Bloodcurdling Screams From The Underworld – Pitch Black Longplayer ‘SELF-SURGERY’ By MRS. PISS

19 June 2020

Who: “A collaboration between Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie. Drawing on their collective rock, metal, and industrial influences, the project began while the two were touring around together during Wolfe’s Hiss Spun album in 2017. These songs feel more urgent and visceral than anything either of them has created before: heaviness spurred
on by punk spirit.”

Released: 29 May 2020

Keywords: Bloodcurdling shrieks, goth inferno, pitch-black nightmares, underworld hysteria, gloom and doom sisters in crime, bone-chilling frenzy, hellish commotion
Key tracks: Downer Surrounded By Uppers / Nobody Wants To Party With US / Mrs. Piss

Full album…

JESS GOWRIE: Instagram

Artwork album by Caroline Vitelli

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