Next Stop Glastonbury – Here Are DOCKSUNS With New Instant Feel Good Single ‘DANCING ON THE RADIO’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


19 June 2020

DOCKSUNS formed early last year with a mission, not to become scandalously rich, but to play Glastonbury Festival in a Sunderland football shirt. Unpolished and intense, visceral and real, their raspy vocals and arousing choruses reveal a simple motto: # L E T S H A V E I T.

A couple of weeks ago the indie squad released new single DANCING ON THE RADIO.
A zestful feel good cracker you can hum, sing or whistle along. You’ll hear joyous echoes from The La‘s and Teenage Fanclub. Oh yes, definitely that good. The affecting combination of catchy guitar hooks, an instantly addictive melody and a spot-on, get-together chorus always works on a green field with a choir of thousands. Knowing Michael Eavis‘ excellent music taste I think the band may start washing their Sunderland shirts for next year’s Glastonbury‘s edition.

Let’s roll…

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DOCKSUNS: Facebook

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