Chill-Out With DENISE SHERWOOD And Her First Track From New Project Feat. LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


24 June 2020

When genuine music junkies come together you know there’s electricity in the air.
This is exactly what happens right here with the wonderful DENISE SHERWOOD
teaming up with The Pop Group’s Mark Stewart, her father and dub wizard Adrian Sherwood and the imperishable reggae icon Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry as guest vocalist.
Add track programming by Graham Warnock and Ivan Hussey on cello and you
have a sonic top team.

The first notable result of this venturesome collective is MUSIC SHALL LIVE.
A chill-out dub trip with Massive Attack echoes, reggae vibrations, ambient
touches, and the mesmeric voice of Denise. Dream-away waves. Relaxing,
stimulating and tranquilizing.

Feel the soulful beats right here…


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