It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – ‘A GUIDE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING’ By Electro Machine LEG PUPPY

26 June 2020

Band: Leg Puppy
Who: South London’s Leg Puppy were originally formed amongst a backdrop of bingo
callers, haunted rickety hotels, dancing goats and clown worshipers. The electro-psych/multi-media outfit, offer a satirical attack on the modern world. A complete DIY multi-media band, designing all sleeves, graphics, backdrops, videos and art installations

Base: Land of the woof
Album: A Guide To Social Distancing
Released: 12 June 2020

Key references: Aphex Twin, The Residents, Die Krupps, Tangerine Dream, Orbital
Keywords: disco Inferno, coronacaust, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, hellish
raves, anti-RoboCops, Chemical Brothers on acid, Leftfield leftism, 21st Century
Detroit techno, ecstasy-tatic, space oddities, isolation paranoia, 1999 lockdown party
Key phrase: It’s the end of the world as we know it

Stream/buy here…

LEG PUPPY: Facebook

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