Wall-Of-Industrial-Symphony – BLACK NEEDLE NOISE With ‘She Talks To Angels’ Feat. ANJELA PICCARD

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 July 2020

Last month iconic producer JOHN FRYER a.k.a BLACK NEEDLE NOISE and industrial
hero PIG (Raymond Watts of KMFDM) joined forces for a battering collaboration,
entitled Seed Of Evil. An impressive high-tech darkwave hammer.

And he’s already back. This time teaming up with imposing voice ANJELA PICCARD
for a majestic cover of SHE TALKS TO ANGLES, a 1990 power ballad by legendary American rockers The Black Crowes led by impassioned voice Chris Robinson.

“Always been a big fan of the Black Crowes and it always feels good to pay homage to bands you like. We wanted to give it a totally different and cinematic feel to the song in our version. Anjela’s vocals are very heartfelt in her interpretation and delivery of the lyrics and being inspired by the cities of New Orleans and LA, the City of Angels,” says Fryer.

She Talks To Angels is the first taster of a new Black Needle Noise album called These
Mortal Covers
. The grand performance of this magical song is no less than awesome.
A huge wall-of-industrial-sound-symphony. Absolutely brilliant. As overwhelming as the Niagara Falls, as giant as the Titanic and as mysterious as the Archangel. No, I’m not on drugs, I just translate what I feel while the adrenalin storms thought my body. The king-sized vox of Anjela Piccard makes the sonic rhapsody complete while the sky-high chorus sends shivers down your spine. Big tune, big sound, big vox. Breathtaking!

Find out why here…

Also on Spotify


(press promo photo received via artist)

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