Black Psychedelia – MOON DUO Reaches For The Stars On SABBATH Song ‘PLANET CARAVAN’…

13 July 2020

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of both the self-titled Black Sabbath debut LP
and second longplayer Paranoid, Sacred Bones Records released ‘What Is This That Stands Before Me?‘ last May. A compilation of Sabbath covers recorded by artists from
across their roster, with The Soft Moon, Thou, Zola Jesus, Uniform, Hilary Woods and more.

San Francisco’s psych-dream tandem MOON DUO is the ideal act to cover PLANET OF CARAVAN one of Sabbath‘s rare tranquil songs, about floating through the universe with one’s love. Moon Duo turns the ghostly original into an extended joyride. A feather-light, trippy, and imaginary journey with Sanae Yamada‘s angelic voice fitting the head-in-the-clouds mood just perfectly. Nine minutes of escaping our puzzling reality.

Enjoy here…

The original

Compilation in full…

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