Sunlit Summer Spiritedness – THE GO! TEAM Entertains With New Blissful Single ‘COOKIE SCENE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 July 2020

After their excellent 2018 album Semicircle, Brighton’s vivid and colorful squad
THE GO! TEAM returns with stand-alone single COOKIE SCENE featuring rapper IndigoYaj. A sunlit, uplifting and funky rap humdinger that puts a big smile on your
face and activates your feet, nerves and muscles instantly. yes, fuel for your body.

“With the flute in a locked groove it makes way for junkshop percussion to go front and
center – built from a marching drum, a 50p against a glass bottle, rimshots and the maple
on maple of drumsticks hit together.”

These are the joie de vivre tunes we welcome with open arms in these erratic times we
live in while waiting for a new, safe and healthy future. Put your sorrows aside for a while and dance, sing, trip & hop and sway your hips along with the Go!Team

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