Groovy Break Up Vibes With GINA CUTILLO With And Her Newest Single ‘RUNAWAY’

23 July 2020

Billboard artist and acclaimed performer/songwriter GINA CUTILLO combines her roots in Manhattan Punk, Pop, Rock and Dance with a charismatic stage persona to be a one of a kind entertainer. With zero lyrical boundaries that go from sexual playfulness to the empowerment of women, gender choice and social political steadiness Gina writes and sings about it all. Gina also mentors up and coming recording artists and songwriters.

Her newest single RUNAWAY is a heartfelt disco stomper – obviously about a break up – with Cutillo‘s sensuous vox glowing upfront. The groovy vibe excites your imagination and your body movements. You have no excuse whatsoever not to get up and activate your hips in a sultry way. Yes, time to shake your booty right here, right now…

Also on Spotify

GINA CUTILLO: Facebook – More on ReverbNation

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