Highway To Hell – UNIFORM With New Hardcore Drone ‘DISPATCHES FROM THE GUTTER’

New sonic impulses…

23 July 2020

New York’s hardcore trashers UNIFORM announced new album SHAME
a few weeks ago and shared simultaneously first grenade DELCO.

Here’s frenzied outburst number two.

DISPATCHES FROM THE GUTTER is a merciless 2-minute assault.
A schizophrenic highway to hell drone with singer Michael Berdan
screaming his lungs out.

Video’s director Jacqueline Castel about the clip: “The video was approached
as a documented mass sigil informed by the historical and philosophical concept
of self-immolation, performed under the lunar eclipse of Independence Day.”


The first single DELCO

UNIFORM: Facebook

New album SHAME out 11 September. More info here

(photo on top: TUTV!)

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