New Ambient Pop Beginning – Let’s Join DREW FIVE At ‘THE MEETING PLACE’

New sonic impulses…

25 July 2020

DREW FIVE is one half of British exciting electro-dance duo Feral Five. As a composer, he scored for independent movies and written for installations and dance. His first solo music just saw the day of light.

THE MEETING PLACE is the first single from his
forthcoming album, entitled SPLINTERS OF LIGHT.

“‘The Meeting Place’ happens in the space between then and now. It asks us to reconsider what being human really means and how communities evolve through the shared values of truth and love. Produced in Drew’s new studio on the banks of the river Medway in England, the track takes the listener across the Atlantic to the birthplace of Drew’s maternal grandfather. We can hear voices at play on the shores of Lake Ontario. Are these sound waves from the past, or are they speaking to us from the future? Mixing Drew’s Canadian field recordings with guitars, bass, beats and a multitude of electronics, the song urges a post-lockdown rethink of who we are and what we can become. Immerse yourself in a new beginning.”

This electronic head-in-the-clouds symphony proves, once more, how powerful music
is. Just close your eyes and it takes you to other places, it brings back lost memories, it’s multifaceted in order to suit every mood. ‘The Meeting Place‘ is a telling example. An ambient pop fantasy to soundtrack your dreams, your desires and your hopes. Inspiring, catchy and enchanting with Drew‘s voice floating all over it. A stimulating tune for a new beginning.

Start here…

Also on Soundcloud

DREW FIVE: Website

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