Raw, Ripped And Real – PJ HARVEY Released DEMOS Of Debut Album ‘DRY’

25 July 2020

Album: DRY – DEMOS
Dry was her debut LP, came out in 1992
Released: 17 July 2020
Info: PJ’ s discography is the subject of a comprehensive reissue campaign to
celebrate every aspect of Harvey’s recording career and afford a comprehensive and
exciting look at the evolution of one of the most singular and extraordinary artists of
modern times.”

Written In Music says: “As expected, the emphasis here is mainly on the rough, sketchy
guitar playing of PJ Harvey… What is very striking is that the recordings are of a surprisingly
high level… n terms of quality, there is little to criticize, the clarity also ensures that it does not look really messy anywhere. It is very cool to discover that the rocking songs often have country roots. That is where Dry’s soul lies. These composing qualities are then somewhat shouted at by the hard-cutting rattling guitar playing and the distorted vocal sounds. Man, if this first demo album delivers so much beauty, you can’t wait for that treasure chest to open completely. To be continued.”
Score: 4/5

Key phrase: “On her debut, Polly Jean Harvey matched Patti Smith’s incandescence with Bessie Smith’s lasciviousness, outplayed everyone on the British indie circuit, and became an instant star.” –  Pitchfork

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