‘Roll With It’ By STEVE WINWOOD – Topped US Singles Chart This Day In 1988

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30 July 2020

Artist: Steve Winwood (Birmingham, UK)
Active: He started his career as a 15-year-old
wunderkind with 60s beat band Spencer Davis Group,
played later with Traffic and supergroup Blind Faith
before starting his solo journey.
Single: Roll With It

Note: Winwood wrote the song, but Later Motown
songwriters Holland-Dozier-Holland were credited
with co-writing due to its resemblance to the Junior
hit (I’m A ) Roadrunner.
B-side: The Morning Side

Released:  9 July 1988
Score: Topped the US Singles Chart for four
weeks starting 30 July 1988 – this day 32 years ago
AlbumRoll With It

Roll with it, Steve


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