Running Up That Hill – KATELYN A. SIMPSON Entices With ‘ROBOTIC ROSE’ In The Wrong Era…

3 August 2020

KATELYN A. SIMPSON is a zealous singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas. She brings memories to life through her intense alternative-heavy-indie rock sound. Described as a multi-instrument aficionado, her passion and emotion flow through her vocals and lyrics making an emotionally charged connection with her audience.

She has a new 4-track EP out called WRONG ERA with four sterling compositions performed with spirit, vitality and verve. Simpson‘s captivating voice is the driving force in the middle. Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite track is opener ROBOTIC ROSE. A dynamizing rocker resonating, to my ears, as some sort of rocking interpretation of vocal heroine Kate Bush‘s mega-hit ‘Running Up That Hill‘. Haunting, determined and punchy. Big score!

Here’s the eye-catching lyric clip…

Now you’re here get also impressed by this boisterous live rendition
of the EP’s second cut ‘SWEET REVENGE‘…

EP in full…


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