Booming Isolation Beats – Electro Artist ELA MINUS Invites You To Jump Around To ‘MEGAPUNK’..

New sonic impulses…

3 August 2020

ELA MINUS is the artistic moniker of Colombia-born Bogotá-raised musician Gabriela Jimeno who lives in Brooklyn, NY. As a teenager, she was the drummer of a hardcore
band in her native country Colombia.

When moving to the States she got inspired to start a musical career by creating majestic synth-pop, both starry-eyed and vibing, atmospheric, and highly energetic. She traveled around the world to spread her electro-tastic get-up-and-go effervescence. If you never heard of Minus then her 2017 EP Adapt. is a fitting start to get acquainted.

With her new single megapunk the electronic prima donna makes you jump in euphoria around your living room. The ongoing hypnotic vibrations shoot adrenalin-rushes to your rotating head. Time to get up, stand up, and fight for your right to hop yourself gaga with your bubble companions. These booming beats are the perfect cure to get rid of your isolation blues, the perfect therapy to empty your worried mind, and to pogo with your jump stick.

Now play that funky music…

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