Warm-Blooded Señoritas HINDS Cover Punk Rebels THE CLASH – Here’s ‘SPANISH BOMBS’…

3 August 2020

Like so many other artists did during this science-fiction-like lockdown period,
Spanish power-pop señoritas HINDS also decided to cover a classic cracker. They
picked The Clash‘s 1979 track SPANISH BOMBS (featured on their masterpiece LP
London Calling) for obvious reasons, although the song’s story isn’t a happy one.

It’s about the chaotic political situation of Spain in the Seventies after the 1975
death of dictator Francisco Franco. The late great punk poet Joe Strummer got
the idea after he heard a radio news report of ETA terror bombings of tourist
hotels on the Costa Brava.

Hinds’ frontwoman said in a statement: “The Clash were my mom’s forever favorite
band. So it is always beautiful to connect generations through music. As Spaniards, we
don’t usually get shout-outs in songs, like New York or London, so the Clash writing a
song about our civil war made us feel honored.”

Hear the Madrid based grupo‘s version here…

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