Scream Along Before It’s Too Late – Here’s TV COMA And Their New Mental Uppercut ‘CONGRATULATIONS’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Formed in a cesspit of post-university malaise, TV COMA is a power-pop band based in Brighton. They already drew Turn Up The Volume‘s aural attention a couple of months ago with Doomsday anthem The World Is Closing Down  and their brand new single CONGRATULATIONS is a similar sarcastic and scream along belter.

TV Coma vocalist Leo Troy says about the new cut: “It’s about the unexplored paradigms
of modern relationships. As the first humans to publically document relationships, millenials were pioneers in dealing with the psychological impact of social media on modern day love. Congratulations explores the aftermath of this: how hard it is to get over someone when there’s a 24/7 feed of what they’re doing just a click away, when you see that person with another person, followed by a unique kind of acceptance.”

Here’s your chance to ventilate all your lockdown paranoia, to forget all your virtual
break-ups with your fake Facebook-lovers, to test your vocal cords’ gusto, to laugh in the face of the ones who unfriended you and to kick Big Brother’s ass. CONGRATULATIONS
is a clamorous uppercut, a powerhouse outcry and a Dropkick-Murphys-like chant that will set your mind free for at least four minutes. Capeesh? Open your windows and doors and yourself scream hoarse before it’s too late.

Right here, right now…

TV COMA: Facebook

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