Rumbling, Rambling and Rattling – ‘IF I HAD MY WAY’ By DWYER And OSEES

New sonic impulses…

JOHN DWYER is one of the hardest working men in rock, 365 days a year,
24 hours a day. He’s a hyper-productive chameleon. I have no clue how many
albums he made in the past ten years. Nothing can stop the tireless centipede.

A new album with OSEES, titled Protean Threat is planned to be out in September.
More details here. After lead single ‘Dreary Nonsense‘ we get another taster. Dwyer
says about the new cut: “Looking at all the extraordinary death in the world now you
have to wonder, have you lived your best life? It’s never too late to start.”

IF I HAD MY WAY sounds like if Dwyer joined forces with equally hard-working
label mates King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard for a buzzing 60s prog rock stroke.
Rumbling, rambling and rattling.

‘I’m a bit high, I’m a bit low’

Let’s roll

Here’s the previous, first single…

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