Ecstatic Power Pop Whirlwind – Here’s Ardent Single ‘DON’T SPEAK TOO SOON’ By CRYSTAL CITIES

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

CRYSTAL CITIES is a band from Sydney, Australia who come a long way
in a short period of time with a cinematic sound and grandiose aesthetic.
Last year their excellent debut album Under The Cold Light Of The Moon
confirmed their musical ambitions just perfectly.

With new single DON’T SPEAK TOO SOON this thrilling
three-piece make another grand impression.

“‘Don’t Speak Too Soon’ is my first attempt at being an engineer and producer. It
was a lot more involved than just showing up to the studio to record my parts! I
think more hours were spent reading and watching tutorials than actually recording.
One of the biggest mental and technical hurdles I had to overcome was losing all my
vocal takes and having to re-record them all over again”
says frontman Geoff Rana.

The new piece is an ecstatic whirlwind, an unstoppable power-pop crackerjack,
a fantabulous guitar-fueled knockout blow, a bang-up stormer leaving you out
of breath in the end. I’m sure megastars The Killers would love to hear this tour
de force. And so do you.

When did these lights go out?
Watching the slow hand move
Now, did I say too much?
Did I speak now too soon?

Press play here…


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