Get Ur Freak On – Up And Coming Funky R & B Beauty LYNA Goes ‘LOCO’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Artist: LYNA.
Who: A 22-year-old singer/songwriter born and raised in Belgium. She started
singing when she was only four. Since 2018, she started making her own music
and released five singles so far. You can find them all on her Spotify page.

Pick: LOCO – brand new single.

Score: If I tell you that my hips started shaking only 15 seconds into this funky
R & B groove you know that an instant dance floor filler is coming your way. Oh yeah
is a tantalizing tune that pumps up your bloodstream and boosts your lockdown
mood sky-high. Think of Missy Elliott‘s sensual vibe Get Ur Freak On and you’ll definitely
understand my euphoric drift. So get your lazy bump out your couch and pirouette yourself into the countryside to hip and hop between the cows and the haystacks.

Sweaty satisfaction guaranteed.

Loco time, ladies and gents!

Right here, right now…

Also on Spotify

LYNA: Facebook

(photo: FB Lyna)

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