Don’t Look Back In Anger – Listen To Brand New Single ‘NOT HERE ANYMORE’ By SKETCH CLUB

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

22 September 2020


Who: Originally hailing from Dublin, Phillip Island and Brisbane,
Sketch Club formed in Melbourne in 2009.


The first single from their forthcoming debut LP ‘Departure Lounge Transmissions‘.
The song “is a reflection on conversations relating to restlessness, discontentment and
soul-destroying occupations. It’s both an escape plan written for a troubled loved one,
and a conspired resolution to break your own personal status quo.”

Officially out 24th September.

Score: The sentiments of Oasis‘ big hit ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger‘, the Foals‘ glimmering guitars, and the melancholic voice of Interpol‘s maestro Paul Banks. This is a bewitching
and life-altering goodbye lullaby. Hopeful, expectant and silvery-toned. A captivating
tune getting better with every spin.

Listen here…


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