Foreplay and Orgasmic Vibrations For The Dance Floor – Disco Queen ROISIN MURPHY Returns With ‘ROISIN MACHINE’

3 October 2020

“I feel my story is still untold… but I’ll make my own happy ending.”

Artist: Róisín Murphy (Dublin, Ireland)
Album: Róisín Murphy – 5th LP
Released: 2 October 2020

Murphy: “My fifth studio album is a ten years in the making collaboration with my musical partner in crime Parrot/Crooked Man. This album has been designed as one big landscape of sound; each track mixing into the next. It represents the way I make music, how nothing is ever truly complete – one thing just leads to the next – an extension of ideas. I am a machine.”

NME review: “The eccentric Irish icon’s dancefloor-ready record is her most euphoric yet,
full of hedonistic singalong hits that will make you really, really miss the club… flamboyant
Irish outsider Róisín Murphy is back to claim her throne as queen of the dancefloor, delivering
a decade-in-the-making discofied album full of pulsating feel-good anthems. And it’s an instant classic… Just close your eyes and imagine being among an up-for-it crowd at Ibiza institution Pikes as Róisín brings this record to hedonistic life as the sun sets. Such unified bliss is something we can only dream of right now.”
Full review here. Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: “The gorgeous, utterly sexy-sensual machine is back
with foreplay vibes and orgasmic bangers for 24-hour party people.”

One of the booming tracks SOMETHING MORE

Full album…

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