Prog Rock Rap Pop Stroke By Irish Multi-Instrumentalist DAVID CHRISTY JONES Featuring Rapper BENZO

5 October 2020

(Photo credit: Laura Raye)

You like pop? You like prog rock? You like rap? You can get it all in one with new stroke IDIOCY by Irish multi-instrumentalist DAVID CHRISTY JONES with some hip-hop help
from young rapper BENZO. The second single from his upcoming solo debut.

It all starts with a catchy as hell pop melody with a funky rock groove. Midway it’s BenZo‘s turn to take pole position for some sharp-edges rhymes until a retro prog-rock guitar solo kidnaps the track for a roasting finale sounding like this sticky slam’s theme: the state of the modern world. And we all know by now that the state of our infected planet is quite rotten.

So let’s have some exuberant fun before we all turn insane.

Let’s roll

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