To Hell With Blue Mondays – Fasten Your Seatbelt For Symphonic Metal Orchestra PYJAMA PLANET

Rowdy rippers to kick Mondays in the face to…

5 October 2020

MARK PYJAMA is a Cape Town based centipede who’s mixing and producing music for artists, video games, and films. He develops audio plugins and writes his own breed of heavy metal.

With his PYJAMA PLANET project he just unleashed a new king-sized instrumental piece called THE PRELUDE (feat. Kris Xenopoulos from Vulvodunia). It’s the first single from his upcoming album MADJENTA.

Mark states that “This song has been 3 years in the making. It was a journey. The song developed as I did as a person over these years, and it was my rock when I needed creative escapism!”

After a short, frolicsome classical music intro with strings and piano all hell breaks loose. Layers of rollicking guitars and slam-bang drums flood you like a tsunami at supersonic speed with a gigantic resonance. Mind you, it’s not about making just noise.

Definitely not, Pyjama Planet sounds like a symphonic orchestra – a blasting one – with classical structures and violins and piano sequences popping up now and then. It’s prog-rock metal with euphonious textures and Mark Pyjama as composer and conductor.

Fasten your seatbelt before you press play



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