Biting Spoken-Word Rant – Here’s Razor-Sharp Uppercut ‘EVERY SALE IS THE SAME’ By DEAD CHERRY

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7 October 2020


Who: Punchy indie rockers from Manchester, producing a heady
combination of spoken word witticism and 4/4 motorik punk.

Pick: EVERY SALE IS THE SAME – first single from upcoming debut EP called ‘C.R.E.E.P.’

Story: “The track describes in its essence the work hard, play hard mentality. The adrenaline and alcohol fuelled rise to the very top of the career ladder and looming threat of the icarus
effect, plummeting right down back in to the depths of whatever hole you’ve found yourself in.”

Score: This fulminating, verbal tsunami grabs you by the throat from the thumping
intro all the way to the infuriated finale with a vocal scream along chorus in between. Expect a kick-ass spit and sneer uppercut pushed by a rollicking guitar/bass/drum trio
on the run. Imagine Sleaford Mods on acid having another clash with Bristol punks Idles.

Explosive fun, folks!

Watch your back, all you corrupt salesmen ’cause
Dead Cherry is coming to kick your corporate ass.

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(images: FB Death Cherry)

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