Kicking Against The Pricks – Here’s New Single ‘TRUTH IS A THING OF THE PAST’ By APEMAN SPACEMAN

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London’s feverish post-punks APEMAN SPACEMAN, named after a Brian Cox TV show
“It’s about the ape and man in all of us, constantly scrapping for attention” are back with new hot-blooded ripper TRUTH IS A THING OF THE PAST.

Frontman Johnny Cooke says: “We are in danger of losing our democracies to international gangs of sociopathic schoolboys playing games with the lives of billions, and the very fabric of society is being undermined by a tidal wave of bullshit. We must fight for the truth.”

From the get-go, you can almost psychically feel the rage and blaze of the Truth Is A Thing Of The Past‘s mindset. A fight against the evil forces who dominate our screwed-up world. A fight against narcissistic politicians and future charlatans. Sonically it’s an intimidating belter. Menacing guitars, alarming vocals, fuming guitars, and an overall super-heated groove. As Nick Cave once said we need a lot of kicking against the pricks.

“We don’t give in to them” is the key message.

Here come are demons

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