A Stairway To Heaven With Soul-Stirring Stroke ‘TODAY’ By British Rockers REGENT

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

10 October 2020

After bittersweet symphony Time To Loose The Blues and steamy stomper Dirty Little Sinner British rock squad REGENT hit the bullseye again with soul-stirring stroke TODAY. A new piece from their upcoming debut LP Just A Revolution, out in Spring next year.

“I wanted to sit and write a song about heartache and the pain of losing someone. Whether it be a lover, mother, father, sister or a brother…. We all go through low times in our life, and in the middle of a pandemic, I wanted to create an anthemic track that everyone in pain can relate to” says frontman Ben Rooke.

Today is a solid gold staggering ballad made to be played in huge arenas with the crowd waving with candles all the way. The passionate blues at play here reminded me instantly of Led Zeppelin‘s timeless titanic score ‘Stairway To Heaven‘. Electrifying emotions going forth and back, going quiet and loud, going from intense to breathtaking and back.

Think of that goosebumps feel you get when you hear/see something that has an immediate jaw-dropping effect on you. Yes, that’s what happens here. Massive tune, massive vocals, massive sentiments.

Feel your heart beating here…

And on Spotify

REGENT: Facebook

Single artwork credit: Stephen Lynn

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